The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

29 Sep

You know Murphy’s Law? The one that says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”? As much as I- the most positive person in my circle of people- wish that it was not true, it is. And the time it proves itself the most is at the most important moments of your life- your wedding day. However, I have found that when you prepare for something terrible, it usually does not happen. 

I am not the only one to discover this either. As a teenager, I discovered a very awesome quote. I really wish I could remember who said it, but the quote says: “Don’t tell me not to worry. The things I worry about never happen.” Going off of this principle, a well stock wedding day emergency kit just might prevent a lot of mishaps. It is not necessary to pack up your whole house. Designate your maid of honor or a responsible bride’s maid to be in charge of gathering and stocking the items listed below.

Medical Items

No one wants to be sneezing through saying their vows, or for nausea and tummy issues to keep them from making it down the aisle at all. And definitely no one wants painful blisters to keep them from enjoying their reception. It is best to have a mini pharmacy on hand just in case. Here is a good list to start with, but add more items if you deem them necessary:

-any prescriptions that you need to take on a regular basis
-some type of pain reliever
-allergy medication
-antacid and Pepto
-Bandaids, moleskins, and blister treatment for uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes
-enough Bandaids for cuts and scrapes, as well, along with antibiotic ointment
-burn cream or ointment (just in case the curling iron or flat iron burns you)
-itch cream for surprise bug bites (this is especially good for outdoor weddings or receptions)
-first aid kit
-an ace bandage
-liquid skin
-eye drops
-extra contacts and contact solution


It does not matter if you do your own hair or go to a salon pre-wedding, there is always a chance of at least one section of hair misbehaving. Prepare for this with at least the following items:

-gel and/or mousse
-comb and brush
-bobby pins
-hair clips
-an extra set of anything you want to wear in your hair as you walk down the aisle, like a diamond headband
-ponytail holders

Makeup and Beauty

Not only will you want to touch up your makeup right before going down the aisle, but you will probably want to do so right before your reception, too. You might also notice some imperfection in your eye makeup that you want to fix, so be ready with these items:

-lipstick and lip liner- preferably you will have long-lasting forms of these, but carry a straw to sip through just in case
-lip gloss and lip balm
-eyeliner and mascara
-foundation, powder, or both
-eyeshadow and blush
-shimmery powder (not a necessity, but it is always nice to add some extra sparkle)
-nail polish that matches your color and clear nail polish (the clear can be used for nails and tears in stockings and pantyhose)
-a nail file and nail clippers
-eye cream
-Q-tips, cotton balls and cotton pads
-zit cream
-eyelash curlers
-eyebrow pencil and brush
-makeup remover
-oil absorbing pads or strips

Hygiene and Toiletries

From freshening up the pearly whites sweaty palms and feet, these hygiene and toiletry items will cover pretty much anything that can be thrown at you:

-toothbrush, tooth paste, mouth wash and floss
-hand soap (this may sound weird, but it is safer than being at a venue that forgot to stock up)
-hand sanitizer
-razor and/or wax set
-pads or tampons
-gum or breath mints
-deodorant (you should probably play it safe here and buy spray deodorant so it does not rub onto your dress)
-body spray or perfume
-Baby powder


You do not want your hem to come undone, to wear a pair of pantyhose with a run in them, or have an ill-fitting bodice thanks to a button breaking off. These clothing items cover most of what you will need:

-extra pantyhose and underwear
-a button up shirt so you can take it off without ruining hair and makeup
-flats for your reception or prior to changing into your wedding shoes
-heel protectors (for outdoor weddings)
-lint roller
-stain removal pen
-safety pins
-fashion tape
-insoles for uncomfortable shoes
-hem tape


There are a lot of items that are not necessarily designated for one thing, or normally things you think of until you need them. These are those items:

-earring backs- really important
-rubber bands
-wet wipes
-water and a couple of quick, non-messy snacks
-sewing kit
-lighter and scissors
-pens and notepad
-super glue
-hand mirror
-bug spray
-shoe polish or white chalk to cover and marks on shoes
-camera for bridal party shenanigans
-chargers for cell phones, cameras, etc.
-fake wedding ring

You may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of items on this list, possibly wondering if you should rent a U-Haul to get it all on location. Take a breath, though, because you do not have to take full size items- except for shoes and such, of course. Most of these items can be bought in travel size and fit easily into a cute tote, makeup case, or even tackle box. Even with all of this preparation, life might throw you a curve ball. Just remember that you have prepared as best as you can and if you need something you do not have, you can always improvise. 

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